The combination of white tea and moringa significantly lowers blood sugar levels

The combination of white tea and Moringa leaves significantly reduces blood sugar levels (Photo:

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is certainly a human problem. Conditions that generally occur in people with Diabetes Mellitus. However, healthy people, but have a bad lifestyle, can also experience hyperglycemia, causing diabetes mellitus.

Based on World Health Organization standards, normal blood sugar ranges from 70 – 150 mg / dL and sometimes after meals it rises to 180 mg / dl. But after that it will come back down. It becomes a problem if blood sugar is always high for a long time, causing complications and even leading to diabetes.

Based on the 2014 Sample Registry Survey data, it is known that diabetes is the third leading cause of death in Indonesia after stroke and coronary heart disease.

To overcome this, generally, the way to lower blood sugar levels is to use synthetic drugs which have side effects, especially on the kidneys. Some people may choose to consume natural remedies. The problem is that there are very few natural remedies that can help lower blood sugar levels quickly and significantly.

Research from the Department of Public Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA), Bogor Agricultural Institute succeeded in showing that the combination of white tea and Moringa has the ability to significantly reduce blood sugar levels.

Among the people, several types of plants are believed to be natural remedies to help lower blood sugar levels, the most popular of which are green tea and white tea. Another plant that is also believed to have the same effect is moringa.

In this study, researchers succeeded in showing that the combination of white tea and moringa was able to significantly reduce blood sugar levels when compared to separate consumption.

The research was conducted by giving steeping white tea and moringa to rats that had been induced to hyperglycemia or had blood sugar levels reaching 390.53 mg / dl. A total of 20 hyperglycemic rats were then randomly divided into several groups with different treatments, namely the untreated group, the white tea induction group, the green tea induction group, the moringa induction group and finally the white tea and moringa mixture induction group. Then the test rats were observed for 21 days.

The result, the researchers found that the group that was induced with a mixture of white tea and moringa significantly decreased blood glucose levels to 149.25 mg / dl, better than green tea consumption with a decrease of 145 mg / dl. Meanwhile, the group that was induced by white tea only experienced a decrease of 53.3 mg / dl and for those who were induced by moringa only decreased by 80.25 mg / dl.

“Tea was given every day at a dose of 100 mg per rat body weight, about 2 cc of brewed water. Most of the blood sugar levels began to decline on the 14th day after being given tea, ”said Amalia Rahma, SGz, MSi, the lead author of the study who is also a graduate student of the Department of Public Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) Bogor Agricultural University.

According to Amalia, the research was conducted to show how the use of green tea, white tea and moringa which had previously been studied had anti-hyperglycemia abilities. Thus, the community can compare its properties.

Then, with the results of this research, Amalia sees it as a potential for the development of natural drugs to control blood sugar levels in humans who have been so dependent on synthetic drugs.

“It is very possible to apply to humans, considering the materials used can be used without a complicated processing process and can be obtained easily,” he said. [Ricky]

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