The comedian Kevin Hart will be Oscar presenter at 2019 – Newser



And the Oscar presentation concert goes to: Kevin Hart, who promises to make the "special" ceremony this year, reports the Los Angeles Times. "For years I was asked if I would ever host the Oscars and my answer was always the same," Hart wrote on Instagram. "I said it would be the chance of a life for me as a comedian and it will happen when it is supposed to." Not everyone is hopping up and down joyfully: the Hollywood Reporter he calls it "the least sought-after work in Hollywood", while at the AV Club, Sam Barsanti writes that "we are so tired at this point that it will not look special unless the presenters no longer do La La Land / Moonlightgaffe in style. Maybe you will only announce the wrong winner for each category, and then you will find out later on the big celebrity parties? "The Oscars are on February 24. (Read more about the Oscars).



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