The Committee of the victims of the Morandi Bridge: ‘We want the memorial’ – Liguria

“How long will we have to wait? Without memory there is no progress”

“How long will we have to wait for the memorial? Without memory there is no progress and the victims of the collapse of the Morandi bridge must not be forgotten for any reason “. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the collapse of the viaduct over the Polcevera, which on 14 August 2018 caused the death of 43 people, Egle Possetti, president of the Committee to remember the victims of the Morandi bridge, once again asked that the process for the construction of the memorial be speeded up which should rise in place of the shed where the Prosecutor’s Office kept the finds.
In July, to coincide with the start of the trial, the green light to move part of the rubble arrived but still nothing has moved. “We thought that with the project defined and with the authorization to move the finds we could proceed faster, instead”. The first stone, completely symbolic, of the construction site was laid by the institutions during the commemoration ceremony on August 14, 2021. From the Municipality they explained that for the final design we will have to wait a little longer because there are also some interferences with the railway line to be resolved. but the administration plans to put the work up for tender at the latest in October.
Four years after the tragedy, meanwhile, Genoa returns to remember: the first appointment organized by the Municipality of Genoa on 13 August 21 at the Clearing of Memory, under the new San Giorgio bridge, with a concert of classical and sacred music performed by the Accademia del Chiostro.

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On Sunday the commemoration at 10.30 with the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini and with 43 children who will deliver thoughts to the families of the victims. At 11.36, the time of the collapse, a minute of silence and the sound of the sirens of the ships in port and the bells of the whole diocese.



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