The communes of the Metropolitan region in which the Approval won

The Rejection option swept the exit plebiscite and only in a few communes did the Approve option triumph.

A resounding win earned the Reject option this Sunday in the exit plebiscite that asked the Chileans if they accepted or not the proposal for a new Constitution that the Constitutional Convention elaborated.

The triumph of the Rejection was transversal, in all the regions of the country, and globally it reached a 61, 8 percent of the preferences against 38.1 percent of Approval.

Agency One – Plebiscite 2022

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In the Metropolitan regionwhere in recent years the center-left and the left had obtained the main majorities, the Rejection option also won, with a difference of 55.26 percent against 44.74%.

In any case, there were some communes in which the Approval won. These were the two most populated in the country, High Bridge and Maipú, In addition to the popular communes of San Joaquin and Pedro Aguirre Cerda.

The fifth commune in which he won approval was Ñuñoain the eastern sector of the Metropolitan region.

With the 99.74 percent of the votes counted at 9:00 p.m. this Sunday, there were still some communes that could vary their results because the difference was very narrow, but the trend continued to favor Rejection.

This is the case of the communes of La Florida, La Granja, Macul, San Miguel, Lo Espejo, Lo Prado, Quinta Normal and Renca, where the difference is less than a thousand votes.

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