The company “Georgian Airways” has banned the president of Sarkartvel from flying on its planes

This was reported by the “” portal on Sunday.

“We will not let her on the planes,” declared T. Gaiašvilis and demanded that the president apologize not only to the airlines, but also to all the people of Sakartveli.

On Saturday, S. Zurabishvili announced that he would boycott the company “Georgian Airways”, whose planes started flying to Moscow, and called on Kartvelians to join the boycott.

May 10 Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the visa regime for citizens of Sakartvel and lifted the ban on Russian airlines flying to Sakartvel.

Earlier, Georgian Airways issued an emotional statement calling for “dirty hands” to be removed from it, calling opponents of rapprochement with Russia and direct air links “comic slights”.

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2023-05-22 06:21:00

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