The company produces unique hives in which mites are destroyed by solar heat

By increasing the internal temperature, the hives prevent the multiplication and survival of the bee tongs, which attack the fetus and adult bees. The mite causes the dreaded varroasis and can kill the entire bee colony within two years. The company started producing thermosolar hives in 2016, now it produces hundreds a year and wants to expand to other foreign markets. Apis Innovation wins Innovation Mastermind in FedEx European Competition at the end of January with its thermosolar hive Small Business Grant.

“My colleague Roman Linhart got the idea to build a thermosolar hive after noticing a bee nest above the store. The owner of the shop told him that the bees had lived there since the 1990s, which is too long due to the widespread occurrence of tongs. The bees built their nest under the tin roof of the store. On sunny days, the roof heated the nest to a temperature that did not harm the bees, but killed the tongs, “said Jan Rája, co-owner of Apis Innovation. In the wild, bees usually survive one or two seasons, then the pincer decimates them.

Apis Innovation succeeded in transferring the idea of ​​using solar heat to the clamp clamp in the construction of a thermosolar hive equipped with glass surfaces with an accumulation layer, by means of which heat is transported to the inner part of the hive equipped with digital thermometer sensors. The treatment starts after the roof is exposed on the thermosolar ceiling. “The temperature inside the hive will rise to 40 to 47 degrees. The heat first damages the reproductive organs of the forceps and eventually kills it, “said Rája

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Thermosolar hives improve the condition of beehives and honey production. They can be used as year-round facilities for bee colonies or made into “bee hospitals” for the treatment of fetuses infected with tongs. “As a result, beekeepers do without chemical drugs, which have lower efficiency, negatively affect bee colonies and whose residues also reach honey. When bees get rid of tongs with heat, they also get rid of viruses for the most part. The bee population is then much healthier and the winter generation will survive without major problems, “said Rája.

Apis Innovation produces hundreds of thermosolar hives every year. “The population of beekeepers is gradually getting younger, so breeders are more interested in news and trying to reduce the consumption of chemicals. During the existence of our company, we have sold several thousand thermosolar hives, “said Rája. At the same time, Apis Innovation wants to offer hives to companies so that they can keep bees on their land. “They will show their relationship with the environment. Your own honey can be used as a gift for business partners or employees, “said Rája.

The company has exported thermosolar hives to Western European countries, the United States, Canada, Jordan, Norway and New Zealand. “They work without problems in different climatic conditions,” added Rája. The company recently acquired an investor who will help it with further expansion into foreign markets.

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