The competition between Sumar and Podemos empties the ‘purple’ press room of journalists

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We can From time to time he comes across situations that place him in front of the mirror of his new reality. That of going from being a formation that previously led a political space and that set the agenda to becoming a diluted force within summerwhere other spokespersons are the ones who call the shots and make the decisions.

One of those situations happened this Monday. summer y We can They had called their respective press conferences barely half an hour apart in places very far from Madrid, making it impossible to be in both places on time. The purplesat 10:00 a.m. at its headquarters on 18 Francisco Villaespesa Street. The fuchsia match, at 10:30 a.m. on 14 Larra Street. The consequence is that the press room of We can It was emptied of journalists for the first time and there were no questions.

The scene is unusual for a force that since June 2014 was accustomed to receiving great media attention. Now that one direct competition with Sumarimmersed in the negotiations with the independentists and the PSOE for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, has left him out of focus.

Thus, the appearance of Podemos co-spokespersons, Isa Serra y Pablo Fernandez, has limited itself only to the topics that both have wanted to present in public. “And she’s done. Thank you very much,” the leader closed when she had concluded her part, without her being able to give the floor to receive questions about current affairs. As usual. The contrast has occurred in the call for Ernest Urtasunwhere questions about the amnesty and other topics have been raised.

It’s the first time that summer y We can They agree to call on Mondays almost at the same time. Last week, which had the novelty of being the beginning of the school year, there was no appearance by the fuchsia party because the controversial meeting between Yolanda Diaz y Carles Puigdemont. Yes there was on the part of We can, who took a position on various current affairs, including the aforementioned meeting in Brussels, of which he said he was not aware. Something that sources have already denied summerwho noted that all coalition parties were notified on Sunday night.

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