The conflicts over the vaccination card continue

SD. The requirement of the vaccination card to access public places continues to generate inconveniences for some citizens who, although they have been inoculated and presented their certification, have been prevented from visiting some places.

Yesterday a citizen named Wilkins Heredia, who claims to have arrived from abroad, reported that he took a digital certificate with him to a public space, which according to him, meets all the security requirements and was not accepted. They also banned him from entering.

Gastroenterologist Joel Rivera also showed discomfort after his inoculation certificate was rejected at a commercial bank. According to Rivera’s version, when he arrived at the bank he asked the servers to scan the QR code to validate the information and, supposedly, representatives of the bank told him that they did not have the device.

The Minister of Health, Daniel Rivera, told Diario Libre that not all public places and private institutions have the facility to have a tool to verify if the QR code is valid. And if the different institutions do not know the foreign document presented, for security reasons, they will not accept it.

In the tribunals

Yesterday there was a brief, but heated hearing, in which the judges of the Third Chamber of the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) tried to know several appeals for amparos, the purpose of which is to annul the obligation to present vaccination cards against COVID-19 to access public places.

However, several incidents made it impossible to carry out the hearing, which was postponed until next October 26.

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Another appeal in the TSA was postponed to Friday, October 22.


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