The congressional hearing on UFOs was "insulting" for American employees, says a senior Pentagon official

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A senior Pentagon official has lashed out at the hearing on UFOs held this week in Congress, calling the claims “insulting” to employees investigating the sightings and accusing a key witness of failing to cooperate with the official US government investigation.

the letter of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrickpublished on his personal LinkedIn page and broadcast this Friday through social networks, criticizes much of the testimony of a retired Air Force intelligence officer who encouraged believers in extraterrestrial life, grabbing headlines in the international press .

Retired Commander of the Air Force, David Gruschtestified Wednesday that USA has covered up what it called a “multi-decade” program to collect and reverse engineer “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPfor its acronym in English), the official government term to refer to UFOs.

Part of what the United States has recovered, Grusch testified, were non-human “biological”which he said he had not seen but had heard about from “people with direct knowledge of the show.”

Kirkpatrick, a career intelligence officer, was appointed a year ago to head the Department’s All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Pentagon, whose objective was to centralize investigations into UAPs. In recent years, the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies have come under pressure from Congress to better investigate reports of aircraft flying at unusual speeds or trajectories as a national security concern.

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