The consequences of the coronavirus in nursing homes focus the new project of Jodie Comer

The coronavirus has changed the way we do things. Not only has it forced to delay premieres, due to the mobility restrictions that were imposed last March, but it has also opened new horizons in the world of fiction. Thus, we have already been able to enjoy projects such as At home O Social Distance, which have had as a common denominator the lockdown. And now, we are beginning to know that fictions about the consequences that the pandemic is having in our lives.

The British chain Channel 4 is working on a series that will be set in a nursing home, one of the places most affected by this health crisis, as in our country, as reported Deadline. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, according to the country’s health authorities, nearly 19,000 residents have died in recent months. For this reason, this project is sure to become a tribute for all of them.

At the head of the cast of this new fiction will be Jodie Comer, who has been in charge of giving life to Villanelle in the famous Killing Eve, Y Stephen Graham, which will once again collaborate with guionista Jack Thorne, after agreeing on The Virtues. At the moment we do not have much more information about this project -that initially was going to be called Home– but it sure isn’t the last we’ll hear from on this topic.

In fact, Variety has reported the development of another title, This Sceptred Isle, a drama in which the management of the pandemic by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and of the social and personal consequences that this crisis has had for the political leader.

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