The conservatives of the CSV win the elections in Luxembourg and demand to form the Government

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The Christian-Social Party (CSV, conservatives) won the general elections in Luxembourg this Sunday and claimed to form the next Government, by achieving 21 of the 60 deputies of Parliament, well ahead of the results achieved by the liberals (14), the social democrats (11) and the greens (4), the trio that made up the outgoing government coalition.

The CVS, now led by the former minister Luc Frieden, repeats as the most voted, as in the 2014 and 2018 elections, although this Sunday’s results place it in a position to be able to form a Government, depending on their negotiations with other political forces.

Frieden, who recently returned to politics after a nine-year hiatus in the finance sector, sees “a very strong mandate for the CSV to form the next Government.”

This was stated by the man who was a minister with different portfolios during the three governments he led when addressing his euphoric supporters. Jean-Claude Juncker (from 1999 until the early elections of 2014).

“The blue-red-green coalition no longer exists,” Frieden concluded, alluding to the colors of the three parties that have governed the small European country for a decade.

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