the console is so powerful that its chip will equip gamer PCs

Sony had worked in conjunction with AMD to create a graphics chip next-gen ready. With the latter, the new generation consoles were to eclipse the old PS4 / Xbox Oneand it is not for nothing that the Xbox Series X uses the same. The power is such thatAMD announced that the next gaming PCs will be built around this same component!

AMD 4700S: a common PC kit with the PS5

This is not the first time that manufacturers have reused technologies between their different ranges. But in the case of the PS5, the company AMD decided to take exactly the same system, taking care to leave the technologies patented by Sony, and fit it into 80 different computer models. The result: very serious and affordable gaming PCs!

This “Desktop kit“will not replace a graphics card or a processor, but will rather replace the motherboard. It makes it possible to manage cooling, memory and power distribution more easily, while some small modifications are made during installation to let other components add to these calculations.

The first PCs equipped with the PS5 chip are already on the market! AMD

AMD criticized: production of chips for the PS5 slowed down?

On forums and specialized sites, several critics are heard and point fingers at the very production of these chips. The shortage of these slows the assembly of Playstation consoles still, and here AMD miraculously finds some … The company has already promised that this was not the case, assuring its commitment to Sony.

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The first PCs equipped with these chips will be marketed without any additional advertising, simply placing themselves in the mid-range and intended for a gaming audience.

Thanks to less research and development time to design this new equipment, AMD could make a gesture on prices and reinvest for the inevitable PS5 Pro, which will necessarily have to strengthen its game.

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