The Constitutional Court endorses the reform that binds the CGPJ by seven votes in favor and four against

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The Plenary of constitutional Court has endorsed this Monday the legal reform that prevents discretionary appointments to be made to the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), according to legal sources. The aforementioned legal modification, promoted by the Government of Pedro Sanchez Through its parliamentary groups, it maintains Supreme Court in a situation of collapse, with 30 percent of its staff uncovered.

The presentation of the progressive magistrate María Luisa Balaguer, that responded to Vox’s appeal against the reform of the Organic law of judicial power, has obtained the majority of support from the Plenary chaired by Cándido Conde-Pumpidothat is, the seven votes of the progressive sector.

The magistrate María Luisa Segoviano, former president of the Social Chamber of the Supreme Court (one of the Chambers most currently collapsed due to the Council’s prohibition on making appointments of its members), who previously appeared before the Government Chamber of the High Court to be very critical of the legal reform, has finally decided to declare it constitutional.

Once again, the majority bloc of the Constitutional has imposed itself on the minority conservative sector. The draft sentence of the conservative magistrate, César Tolosa, which declared the unconstitutionality of the norm, has been supported by a minority of the court of guarantees and has declined its presentation, which will be assumed by Balaguer. The four magistrates will cast a private vote Toulouse, Henry Arnald, Richard Henry y Concepción Espejel.

Balaguer’s ruling, known by EL MUNDO, maintains that the Magna Carta “leaves the legislator a margin of action wide enough to make it possible to develop Article 122 in an extensive manner.”

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