The Continental Show Truck is back with the latest information relevant to haulers

Today, the exhibition tractor “Continental Show Truck” is coming to Lithuania for a week, where the exhibition interactively presents innovative and unique ideas to those who operate trucks, buses and vans. Carriers are invited to familiarize themselves with Continental’s latest technological solutions, including the 5th generation tire Conti Hybrid, ContiLifeCycle and LODC concepts, which have just been awarded the Red Dot Award 2023.

Exhibition truck “Continental Show Truck” with the slogan “Your business. Our solutions.” (English: Your Business, Our Solutions.) will visit a total of 35 countries, covering about 50,000 km.

“Continental” news – Lithuanian truck of the year election

“The exposition located in the truck will take part in the events of the “DKV LIVE Truck of the Year” contest, which is held for the second time in Lithuania, – informs Arūnas Kiaushas, ​​Continental’s sales manager in the Baltic countries and Ukraine. – May 16 “Continental” news will be available at the “Vilnius Grand Resort” hotel, where the truck of the year elections organized by the Lithuanian Journalists’ Auto Club will start and a conference dedicated to future transport technologies will be held.

Arūnas Kiaušas, Continental’s sales manager in the Baltic countries and Ukraine

May 18-19 it will be possible to get acquainted with the technologies of the future demonstrated in the exhibition truck in “Nemunas Ring”, near Kaunas. Here, the tests of the trucks participating in the competition of the year will be held, Continental tires for freight transport will be presented, and digital technologies will be introduced, which allow carriers to work more economically and help save. The participants of the event will be able to test Audi Sport Driving Academy cars on the circular race track, “clad” in Continental tires, and take part in other events while sitting behind the wheel.

Answers on how to overcome the challenges faced by carriers in the demo truck

The display on the Continental show truck highlights the key issues currently affecting the transport and logistics industry. Optimizing costs and reducing carbon emissions in order to meet the EU’s ambitious emissions targets are two of the most important challenges facing fleet managers in Europe.

One of the solutions to these challenges is low rolling resistance tires. The new 5th generation Conti Hybrid tire line, which this year was awarded the Red Dot Award 2023 in the product design category, reduces fuel consumption and its mileage is even 20% higher compared to the tires of the previous generation. Conti Hybrid HS5 and HD5 models in all regular sizes will be available before the end of the year.

The show truck also features the recently launched Conti VanContact Ultra van tyre. Primarily designed for last mile delivery, it has an exceptionally strong sidewall for superior durability.

Continental’s centuries-old experience and the latest technologies were used in the development and production of the mentioned tires – this helped to achieve particularly good indicators in terms of rolling resistance, grip, wear, driving in various weather conditions and evaluating ecological aspects.

ContiLifeCycle – a concept for tire reuse

“This trip also showcases our comprehensive approach to tire management, which is based on the lowest total driving cost (TLC) approach.” Lowest Overall Driving Costs, LODC) principle, says Continental’s sales manager in the Baltic States and Ukraine. – Direct costs for tires make up about 5%, but affect more than 50% of the total operational costs of the fleet. Therefore, optimal tire selection, data-driven maintenance management and tire retreading can significantly reduce these costs. It is the fact that tires have a great potential for cost reduction that we want to focus on. Our display in the show truck features Continental’s latest products and solutions for sustainability, efficient tire management and digitization.”

Visitors to Continental’s interactive exhibit will also learn about the ContiLifeCycle concept of how reusable tire casings help reduce costs.

“Refurbishing a tire uses fewer raw materials and emits fewer pollutants than manufacturing a new one. Taking into account all operational costs and sustainability, tire restoration of commercial vehicles is becoming more and more important, explains Continental’s sales manager in the Baltic States and Ukraine. – The LODC approach is another key theme of the exhibition. Continental’s comprehensive tire management consultancy concept helps fleets reduce operating costs. LODC means Least Total Cost.”

Digital solutions for extending tire life

Continental Show Truck” also introduces its customers to the ContiConnect digital solutions package – fleet digitization, tire monitoring and predictive maintenance. Recording tire data such as pressure, temperature, tread depth, tire condition marks the transition from tire monitoring to asset management. The integrated ContiConnect platform provides all data on tire condition and history in one system, so each tire can be tracked individually. Users also receive alerts and recommendations on tire pressure, temperature and tread depth, as well as the need for vehicle inspections. This paves the way for an even more efficient, simpler, more sustainable and forward-looking form of fleet management.

During a trip around Europe, “Continental” comes to their customers to communicate with them directly and present them with innovations. The motto of the trip is “Your business. Our solutions.” proves that we offer solutions that are relevant for businesses using our products,” states the sales manager of Continental in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

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