Technology the core of the Earth is spinning

the core of the Earth is spinning

After studying earthquakes and earthquakes, research by experts from the University of Illinois has found that the Earth’s core is moving.

According to the researchers, the tremors recorded over long periods of time are the empirical demonstration that the center of the planet is spinning.

These earthquakes, called by experts “doublets”, are a type of telluric movement that occurs in the same place over time.

For scientists, “having data from the same location, but at different times, allows us to differentiate between seismic signals that change due to localized variation in relief from those that change due to movement and rotation.”

Earth's core spins, according to new research

Earth’s core spins, according to new research

Yi Yang, leader of the group of experts who worked on the research, claims that some seismic waves generated by the earthquake penetrate through the iron body, causing changes to the limit of the Earth’s inner core.

Experts estimate that this situation would not occur if the nucleus were stationary (without movement), so they argue that “it is important to observe that these refracted waves change before the reflected waves at the limit of the inner nucleus, which implies that the changes come from within the Earth ”.

Thanks to the new processing methods used by experts, better evidence can be obtained that the core below us is spinning.

As a result of the above, the researchers suspect that this movement would be “closely related to dynamic processes in the Earth’s magnetic field, which occur near the border area between the inner and outer nucleus of the planet.”

However, for scientists there is still no clarity on how the electromagnetic field works on Earth, so there would still be no clear indication of why its center is in constant motion.

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