Health The coronavirus does not give respite: six deaths and...

The coronavirus does not give respite: six deaths and 225 cases in one day in Neuquén

Neuquen registered six new deaths this Sunday as a result of the coronavirus, with which there are already 121 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. In addition, in the evening part, the authorities of the Ministry of Health of the province reported that 225 infections were registered throughout the day: to the 104 revealed at noon, another 121 hours later were added.

Regarding the people who died due to the complications caused by COVID-19, the ministry reported that it was “a 62-year-old man from Cutral Co, with comorbidities (diabetes and high blood pressure), a 31-year-old man, from Neuquén capital, with comorbidities (obesity), an 87-year-old man, from Neuquén capital, with comorbidities (hypertension, obesity, diabetes, COPD); an 84-year-old woman, from Neuquén capital, with comorbidities (arterial hypertension); a 64-year-old woman from Neuquén capital, with comorbidities (morbid obesity), and a 60-year-old woman, from Neuquén capital, with comorbidities (arterial hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, psoriasis) “.

As for the 121 new infections, they announced that 76 belong to the Neuquén (64), Centenario (6) and Plottier (6) conglomerate. For its part, the oil region had a total of 29, between Cutral Co (18) and Plaza Huincul (11). While Senillosa (10), Picún Leufú (3), Zapala (1), Chos Malal (1) and Vista Alegre (1) added the remaining 16.

In addition, 60 people were discharged in the last hours.

The percentage of bed occupancy of the units dedicated to COVID-19 is 97%. In absolute numbers, they are 112.

Since September 9, there are six Neuquén cities with community transmission of coronavirus: Neuquén capital, Centenario, Plottier, Cutral Co, Plaza Huincul and Zapala. In them, from this Monday, Province determined new restriction measures for vehicular circulation.

Only 27 Inland towns, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, have been free of covid in the province.

For its part, 90% of the inhabitants of Neuquén live in the 25 localities with cases assets of COVID-19. Official data place this large proportion of the population in an area of ​​immediate risk. The account grows five percentage points if the inhabitants of the districts in which they were infected, but have already recovered, are considered.

0800 333 1002 It serves to save doubts from residents of the province of Neuquén who made trips to areas where there is community circulation. In addition, it serves those who have close contacts of positive and suspected cases of coronavirus, such as those with symptoms compatible with the virus

Clinical situation of Covid-19 cases

Currently, three epidemiological monitoring strategies are being deployed in the province: traditional surveillance; sentinel surveillance and strategy Detect, which takes place in the neighborhoods.



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