World The coronavirus has caused more than half a million...

The coronavirus has caused more than half a million deaths around the world | News Univision Coronavirus

Volunteers on six continents are receiving vaccines in the testing phase against the coronavirus, reported AP.

British researchers and chinese are already testing potential vaccines outside of its borders in countries such as Brazil and the United Arab Emirates because there are very few new infections in their countries, in order to obtain clear results on the effectiveness of these vaccines.

The united states prepares to begin a larger test: 30,000 people will receive an injection created by the government starting in July and about a month later, another 30,000 will test a vaccine british.

Dr. Fauci said that “this is not a race of who gets there first. This is, to get so many vaccines approved, safe and effective as possible,” said Fauci, director of infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

Experts in vaccines say that it is time to set public expectations. Many scientists believe that a vaccine against the coronavirus will not protect as much as that of measles.

If the best vaccine against COVID-19 is only 50% effective, “this remains for me a great vaccine,” said dr. Drew Weissman, University of Pennsylvania.

“We need to start having this conversation now”, so that people would not be surprised, he added.


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