The coronavirus has infected more than 10 million, the Most worrying situation in the United States

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Texas reintroduces quarantine measures

The number of cases of coronavirus infection around the world on Sunday over 10 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The virus has killed nearly 500 thousand people, recovered for the time of 5 million.

In the first place for the number infected in the United States (2.5 million), followed by Brazil (1.3 million), Russia (600 million), India (500 million) and the UK (300 million). The United States also are in first place in the number of deaths – 125 thousand

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In Russia, according to the operational headquarters on Sunday morning, with the start of the pandemic died 9073 person. During the day, the coronavirus identified from 6791 man. The highest number of cases recorded in Moscow – 717. This is a record low number of new cases for 81 days.

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USA: wave of coronavirus shifts to the South

Coronavirus in the United States does not retreat – daily infected more than 40 thousand people. The number of cases Covid-19 on Saturday exceeded 2.5 million – almost every fourth victim of the pandemic in the world.

Approximately the same ratio the number of deaths: just over half a million in the world, about 128 thousand in America.

The epicenter has shifted from new York to the South and West of the country. Florida and Texas on Saturday updated the records of morbidity. Particularly sharp increase has occurred in Florida: 9585 new cases against incomplete nine thousand the day before.

The number of cases over the past seven days per million inhabitants the sad superiority keeps Arizona (378), followed by South Carolina (204), Arkansas (178), Florida (175) and Utah (153).

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In Texas were closed bars and pizzerias

A new increase in the incidence is the fault regions, which may be earlier opened, and citizens who do not observe precautions stated on Friday at a briefing the chief epidemiologist of the United States, Anthony Fauci.

In Texas and Florida were closed with bars. The mayor of Miami Francis Suarez does not exclude the possibility of imposing a full quarantine with the prohibition to leave their homes.

The Texas Governor said that the situation with coronavirus acquired in the state swift and dangerous turn.

The northeastern States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut imposed a mandatory 14-day quarantine for those coming from the nine States with severe epidemiological situation, and only one of them is not in the South.

Vice-President Mike Pence, who is in the White house for combating coronavirus has postponed campaign events for the Republican party in Florida and Arizona.

In the Hague protesting kovid dissidents

About 200 people in the Hague have protested on Sunday against imposed by the authorities of quarantine measures, including social distancing.

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The demonstrators say that condescension violates their civil rights

They believe that the rule to respect a distance of 1.5 meters is undemocratic and should be immediately revoked.

In court on Friday banned the demonstration, so the police stopped her, holding 37 participants.

A week ago, a similar rally was attended by several thousand people. This time they were much smaller, because organizers urged his supporters to obey a court decision.

C mid-March, more than 50 thousand inhabitants of the Netherlands were infected Covid-19, and approximately 6,100 of them died. Quarantine restrictions have gradually been lifted as the number of new cases the last few weeks drops.

Britain is “on a knife edge”

Adviser to the government on emergency situations Jeremy Farrar said bi-Bi-si, that fears of a new outbreak after opening in July, pubs and restaurants.

“We go over the knife edge, the situation is very unstable, especially in England, and I expect the growth of new cases in coming weeks,” he warned.

Local tightening of quarantine may follow in Leicester, said the interior Minister Priti Patel. In this city there is an increased incidence –°ovid-19.

According to official data on Sunday, in the UK for the time of the epidemic of the coronavirus died 43 550 people.

From July 6 to demand a two-week quarantine for anyone arriving in the United Kingdom, whether foreign or our own citizens, cease to act in relation to trips to Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Norway.

Thus, the authorities returned to the idea of “safe corridors” with States that are relatively prosperous in terms Covid-19.

Representative Downing street said that the purpose of the new measures is to enable the British to spend the summer abroad. The government is prepared to “apply the brakes” at the first sign of deterioration, he added.

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Eurostar begins to walk on the regular schedule from 6 July, but the station remains condescension

Express Eurostar from London to Paris and Brussels from July 6th to start walking normally.

While the new rules will affect only the inhabitants of England and Wales. Scotland decides on quarantine themselves.

Meanwhile, in the night of Saturday the police dispersed two street parties in the London areas of Clapham and Tooting. Unlike the incidents in Brixton and Notting hill in the middle of the week, this time there were no attacks on police officers.

“Delta air lines” will keep the limit of occupancy

The rule that for each flight can be sold not more than 60% of the tickets will remain for an indefinite period, despite the financial loss, said Bi-bi-si ed Bastian, head of the American “Delta airlines”, the world’s second largest airline by number of passengers.

This limitation, allowing to provide in-flight social distancing, was originally introduced in September.

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