The Cortes will investigate possible irregularities in the awarding of renewable energies

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PP and Vox, who govern in coalition in Aragonhave requested the creation of a commission in the Aragonese Courts to investigate complaints about alleged irregularities in the awarding of renewable energies by the previous four-party Executive (PSOE, Podemos, PAR y CHA), chaired by the socialist Javier Lambán.

In his inauguration speech as president, Jorge Azcón announced that he would fulfill his promise to create a commission of inquiry into “the multiple irregularities that have been reported and that have made national news due to their severity and scandalous scope.”

He meant that THE WORLD published on May 23 the evidence confirming the division of wind and solar projects to circumvent the state guarantee.

As well as the fact that two consulting firms that worked for the Government of Lambán also worked for the main renewable company in the community, Forestalia.

The next day, at a press conference in ZaragozaAlberto Núñez Feijóo demanded “immediate clarification” of the processing and authorization process for hundreds of renewable energy facilities in Aragon.

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