The country live – Police officers will be charged with murder and torture in the Ordóñez case

Suspected dissidents captured for destruction of CAI

What happened? The Attorney General, Francisco Barbosa, he said at a press conference that last night three people were captured “in a coordinated action that I led” who would be responsible for the disturbances that caused the burning of almost 50 CAIs in Bogotá on the nights of September 9, 10 and 11, when there were protests of police brutality.

He said they were also linked to the excesses of the November strike protests.

Who are they? They are aliases Justo, alias La Pola and alias El Profe. One more, alias Martín, is detained, but was also linked to the investigation.

Barbosa said that they belonged to “the FARC dissidents”, without specifying what dissidence he was referring to, since, as is known, there is the New Marquetalia led by Iván Márquez from Venezuela; or Gentil Duarte, which operates in the southwestern part of the country, just to mention the two largest in the country.

According the RCN journalist, José Manuel Acevedo, the Prosecutor’s Office would be referring to Márquez’s.

Context: Although the Government and the Prosecutor’s Office have warned that behind the demonstrations after the murder of Javier Ordóñez at the hands of the Police are the dissidents and the ELN, as we said this week, leaders of the 21N strike and protesters from neighborhood organizations participated in the marches after meeting citizen calls on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.


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