The country of Valencia will finance the banks that do not rent empty floors


The government of Valencia seems determined to start a crusade against the escalation of rental prices and this fall will begin to implement a new plan to try to facilitate access to housing for those citizens who have fewer resources. The strategy of the PSPV and the commitment of the commitment is to increase the number of available accommodation and, at the same time, reduce the price. With this aim, it will combine two initiatives: the reduction of taxes to landowners who offer their properties at moderate prices and sanctions to banks and investment funds that do not put on the market more than 7,315 empty plans that these entities have already recognized that they have, even if the council believes they are more.

The main instrument of the Ministry of Housing to implement this strategy will be the new law, once the rule has passed the seat of the Constitutional Court that has been challenged by the executive of Rajoy. In this process, legislation has lost two articles: what authorized the administration to temporarily expropriate houses immersed in an eviction procedure, and then offer a social rent to its tenants, and what has forced companies to provide gas, water and electricity to request a report from the municipal social services before cutting off the supply to a family.

Surely, the most complex of routes launched by the Valencian executive is coercion. This provides for the imposition of fines on the owners of more than 10 houses, most of the banks and investment funds, which do not communicate the empty plans they own or which, despite informing their advisors, choose to continue to leave them. out of the rental market If you do some of these two practices, the entities will have to pay fines of between 600 and 3,000 euros and that, according to the minister María José Salvador, "will accumulate while maintaining the situation".

The owner of the housing justified the strength of these measures because "today no bank has put their empty houses in social housing". "We tried to negotiate, but the industry voluntarily did nothing – they did not want to collaborate and they made us pay for the reasons for doing so through the law," Salvador said.

Price index like the Catalan

With regard to stimulus policies, the Valencia government will create a price index similar to that existing in Catalonia and which will have to be prepared "before the end of the year". This scale will define "reasonable" prices for each floor, which will vary according to the characteristics and location of the house, according to the government. Owners who adapt to the index will benefit from a reduction in taxes, predictably in the autonomous section of personal income tax, and the executive plans to reduce municipalities to the IBI.

The Valencian government explains that their desire is that fiscal stimulus measures are transitory and that scaling is mandatory. But this possibility depends on the approval of a state law, which the Council is already negotiating with the executive of Pedro Sánchez, and which should later be validated by the Congress of Deputies, a procedure that is not at all easy in agreement with the current parliamentary Majorities in the lower house.

Calvet urges the state to unblock the Catalan law

The Minister of the Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, yesterday asked the Spanish government to withdraw the appeal of unconstitutionality that the previous executive presented against the Law 24/2015, urgent measures to deal with the emergency in the field housing and energy poverty. Indeed, the minister recalled that the socialists had engaged. Calvet will take advantage of the bilateral infrastructure commission meeting on Monday to ask the Secretary General of Housing for a specific meeting on this topic. He also wanted to invite the PAH, with whom he met yesterday. The platform asked to end the delays of a law that "saves lives". He also said that Calvet denied them that the state had made a concrete proposal to the government to recover the law, as the ministry had previously assured in PAH.


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