The couple succumbed to Covid-19 just a minute in a row, holding hands all the time

Linda and Cal Dunham from Michigan, USA, had to be hospitalized some time ago due to complications with covid-19. However, their condition did not improve and the couple eventually succumbed to the disease. Death took them only a minute in a row, the couple holding hands all the time.

The couple fell ill with covid-19 last month during a family trip. At first, everything seemed fine, but eventually they had to be hospitalized due to health complications. Both were vaccinated, he informs Daily Mail.

“My father called me before the trip saying that he was not feeling well, but that it would probably be just sinusitis. We returned from camping after three days, but my parents were so sick that they had to be taken to hospital,” she explained. daughter Sarah.

Posted by Cal Dunham on Saturday, May 15, 2021

However, the couple’s condition worsened within a few hours that they had to be connected to fans. Death eventually took them only a minute in a row. Linda died at 11:06, Cal at 11:07, holding hands all the time.

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed by this incredible loss. It’s not just a loss for me, it’s for the whole world. My mom has made the world a better place. We’ll both miss them,” Sarah added, urging people to get vaccinated anyway. .


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