The court arrested the alleged murderer of the former GRU commando


MOSCOW, June 5 – RIA News. The court of the city of Krasnogorsk arrested the alleged murderer of former special forces Nikita Belyankina, corresponding reports of RIA Novosti.

Suspect Sergei Khojoyan will be in custody until August 2nd.

Inspector of the investigative committee Alexey Titov, who presented a petition for the arrest, said that the native of Armenia does not admit guilt of the murder and could hide, so it must be kept in custody.

The same Khojoyan explained to the court, speaking of murder, that he was not "capable of such a thing" and approached only to "help the person". Officially, 41-year-old Sergei Khojoyan doesn't work. He explained to the court that "he was engaged in auto parts and rubber" for cars.

Previously, the court sent Narek Stepanyan to the detention center accused of hooliganism, who worked unofficially as a bartender in an institution where a brawl occurred.

As follows from the materials read in court, he testified. In the identification of Khojoyan participated the girl of the homicide.

The tragic accident occurred Sunday evening in the Putilkovo region of Moscow near Krasnogorsk near the cafe. The twenty-four year old former member of the special forces GRU died of a stab in the heart while trying to save a man who had been beaten by a crowd.

According to his father, Belyankin, who had a license for a traumatic weapon, fired a warning shot into the air, then fired at his legs, but the former commando was knocked down between the cars and started beating. He got up and resisted, and at that moment one of the participants in the fight hit him with a knife. According to the forensic medical examination, the man died almost immediately.

A criminal case. Investigative committee chairman Alexander Bastrykin commissioned the transfer to the central department of the department.



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