The Court investigates the link between the CDR and those responsible for the sabotage of the Vuelta a España

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The National Court has opened a procedure to investigate the connection of those responsible for the attempted boycott of the Cycling tour of Spain with the CDRs. The reinforcement magistrate of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6, Joaquin Gadeahas initiated a case after having received a letter from the General Information Commissariat of the National Police Corps informing it about the arrest of four people after the attempted sabotage of the Vuelta cyclist in Catalonia.

The events took place on August 28 when two drums of 200 liters each of fuel were prepared that were going to be spilled during the cyclists’ passage through the Solsona region (Lérida). The drums contained an automatic irrigation solenoid valve and a timer in addition to the “slip” material. Four people were arrested for these events that are currently being investigated by the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Solsona.

However, the National Court has simultaneously initiated other proceedings to investigate whether the self-proclaimed Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) are behind this attempt to sabotage Spanish sport. In a car, to which you have had access THE WORLDthe instructor explains that the frustrated action “is contextualized within the framework of a boycott campaign against the Vuelta prolifically publicized on social networks by radical groups with pro-independence ideology, taking advantage of the international showcase that the cycling Vuelta represents to give visibility to the cause”.

Likewise, Judge Gadea emphasizes that “during the previous weeks, the self-proclaimed Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) clearly and directly encouraged and proposed on social networks the boycott and interruption of the stages of the Vuelta that were taking place through Catalonia”. In the resolution, it is also added that these groups, of “transversal activists of an independence nature”, emerged in Catalonia months before the celebration of the referendum on October 1, 2017, “with the initial objective of ensuring its celebration, after be illegalized by the Constitutional Court.

Likewise, the judge emphasizes that the CDR present “a structured organization of a transversal nature, which aims to bring together the entire independence movement, and at the same time hierarchical” and recalls that in his court a case “in the that certain members of the CDR were accused by the fiscal Ministery of belonging to a terrorist organization, with the investigation and prosecution of the facts being assumed by this National Court.

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