The Court judges the ETA members ‘Ata’ and ‘Sahatsa’ to try to name the murderers of Giménez Abad

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ON May 6, 2001, in the middle of the afternoon, Mikel Carrera Sarobe, AtaI was helping out serving drinks at the parties of the ikastolas from the Basque-French country. At the same time, Miren’s Sea Knight, the willowI was in a mall Usurbil (Guipuzcoa), on the way to see the movie Tell me that it is not true. Either they were both in the center of Zaragozaabout to address the senator and president of the PP of Aragon, Manuel Giménez Abadwho at 6:30 p.m., when he was accompanied by his son on his way to see Real Zaragoza in La Romareda, was killed by ETA with three shots from behind.

This Monday the National Court has begun the trial with which the Prosecutor’s Office wants to name the material authors of the attack, one of the more than 300 unresolved. The two ETA members who occupy the bench deny their responsibility for the events and have offered alternative explanations as to where they were on the day of the events.

The investigation into the attack was advancing in fits and starts for years until in 2018 the son of the assassin recognized in a police image the man who shot his father. In 2020 she was arrested and entered provisional prison as the alleged perpetrator of the attack.

Against both also weighs the exchange of information that was obtained in the fruitful arrest of Ibon Fernández Iradi, Susp, which over the years the French police handed over in full to the Spanish Security Forces. There, a handwritten note from the hitherto little-known Basajaun command was found, in which they placed Ata and Sahatsa. A handwritten note points to her, according to the prosecution. “A very good opportunity has come our way,” the defendant would have written in reference to the possibility of attacking Giménez Abad.

The eventual conviction for these facts would not have the same practical repercussions for the two defendants. Ata is already serving a life sentence in France. However, the willow He has already served his sentence for belonging to the terrorist group in that country and was released when the National Court ordered his provisional detention for the murder of the popular politician. For her, the sentence will mean freedom or prison.

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