The Court of Accounts threatens sanctions against Más País and Vox "for donations received"

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The Court of Accounts threatens sanctions against groups with parliamentary representation such as Más País and Vox for donations received and warns of a financial situation of bankruptcy from different political parties and foundations, including Iñigo Errejón’s own party, Teruel Existen and the socialist Pablo Iglesias foundation and Vox Dissensus.

The Court of Accounts has approved the audit report of the annual accounts of the corresponding political parties for 2018 and 2019 and, in them, has detected irregularities “that could constitute sanctionable infractions“, he threatens. He cites first of all “the Más País formation”, led by Errejón“for accepting donations from legal entities.” Also Més por Mallorca and the Catalan PDeCAT, “for accepting finalist donations.” Finally, he points out Vox for “unidentified donations.” It does not give figures on the scope of the infringement to be able to gauge whether it will be relevant or, as has happened in other cases in the past, insignificant..

Más País also stands out in another section of the report, that of “political parties with negative assets” at least in 2019, the last year audited. This financial situation is equivalent to technical bankruptcy. The six in that trance are the party of Errejón, Teruel Existe, Foro de Ciudadanos, Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, En Marea and Initiative for Catalonia-Greens. These last three are also “in a bankruptcy situation prior to their dissolution.” In the section of foundations, one more year stands out the Pablo Iglesias Foundation of the PSOE. Also the not yet dissolved Ideas Foundation of the same party and the Disenso Foundation, also linked to Vox. The asset imbalance in these three foundations is 2.2 million, 146,138 euros and 70,020, respectively.

The Court of Accounts criticizes that three parties “breached their duty to collaborate” by not providing required accounting information and points to Nueva Canarias, the Basque Nationalist Party and the Navarro People’s Union.

The presiding body Enriqueta Chicano Until now, it has only released a summary of the report without making it public in its entirety. It does state that nine political parties “did not faithfully reflect their financial and asset situation,” but omits to give their names for now.

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