The Court of Auditors archives the dossier open to citizens


The Court of Auditors filed the dossier open to citizens on Friday, following the audit of its 2015 accounts and established that "there are no punishable offenses", confirmed the sources of the institution.

In this 2015 report, the Court of Auditors has refused to agree on nine-party accounts, including citizens, in identifying too many incidents, shortcomings and discrepancies.

Because of these shortcomings, last spring was even open to sanction proceedings in seven political groups, one of them citizens, for alleged violations detected in the last audit report of their accounting statements.

In particular, the public was attributed the lack of possible third party assumption of the party's expenses in 2015. The report questioned whether Albert Rivera's party counted in kind donations certain payments, for a total amount of 14,371 , 16 euros, made by third parties, of some electoral invoices issued on behalf of the party, and indicated that the donors who had paid invoices for an amount of 2,036.74 euros had not been identified.

The Court of Auditors has now decided to deposit the dossier open to citizens when it considers that there is no punishable offense by the orange party. The citizens say in Europe to the press that the Court has been "frank" in reaffirming the "transparency" and the rigor of the party's accounts before what it considers a "show commission" promoted by the PP to the Senate. "With 10 in international transparency, the Court of Auditors ratifies the nettiness of party funding" they underline.


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