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The court sentenced Paul Manafort to three years and 11 months in prison

The former head of Trump's campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, will spend almost four years in prison and will be required to pay a fine of $ 50,000 and pay $ 24 million in damages. . The charge required 24 years in prison for him

Paul Manafort

(Photo: Carlo Allegri / Reuters)

The Virginia court sentenced the former head of the Donald Trump campaign headquarters to 3 years and 11 months in prison for tax and banking fraud, Reuters reports.

Manafort has committed "undeniably serious" crimes and it is surprising that he did not regret his participation in illegal acts, said Judge Thomas Selby Ellis. He suggested that Manafort stole more than $ 6 million from taxpayers and called it "theft of money from everyone who pays," reports CBS.

Muller recommended to imprison Manafort for a maximum of 24 years

Manafort's defense insisted that the charges against him go beyond the mandate of US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, who is investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Lawyers believe that by demanding a long sentence, the 39, the prosecution is trying to put pressure on the former head of the Trump campaign headquarters and force him to "provide compromising information".

Muller asked for Manafort's punishment of 24 years in prison. The special prosecutor noted that the defendant had committed many crimes and was not to receive mercy because he had pleaded guilty.



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