The creator of Redfall is criticized. Her friends make fun of her and rejoice at the game’s problematic start


Arkane Studios is trying to save the situation and is working on further improvements to the production about bloodsuckers, but there is no doubt that the effects of the developers’ work have not brought them good fame, and many of them have to face indiscriminate comments and unfavorable opinions. Animator Sadie Boyd admitted that the last few days have not been the easiest for her, and even friends are enjoying the failed debut of Redfall.

Arkane Studios has been developing the new IP for several years, and although the production was delayed, as it was originally supposed to debut in the middle of last year, it entered the market with many shortcomings. The team is currently dealing with initial issues, with the first update released this week, but it must be said that the title still has a long way to go.

Sadie Boyd, a senior 2D artist at Arkane Studios, who has been with the team for several years, referred to the matter. Her latest entry may surprise – it turns out that even her close friends make fun of the difficult debut of a game that was not successful from the start.

The artist met with indiscriminate comments that the band deserved criticism, and its employees would have “contaminated” CVs, which could affect the potential opportunities to change jobs.

I didn’t expect my peers, friends and colleagues to openly sneer and rejoice at a difficult start [produkcji –].

It seems despicable to enjoy the failure of others, no matter how you feel about the company.

I feel sad, confused and disappointed.

I try to keep a positive attitude, really. But I am human, I have feelings.

Seeing people I admired saying things like “They deserved it” “Now their resumes are tainted” “What fucking idiots” etc., frankly, I started to worry.

As we mentioned, Boyd has been working for Arkane Studios for over 7 years and during her tenure she had the opportunity to develop Prey: Mooncrash. Previously, the artist was a tester at BattleCry Studios and an intern at Bethesda Softworks.

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