The creator of The Big Bang Theory opens at the show's finale –


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The Big Bang theory he is currently in the middle of his 12th and last season, and his creator has admitted that closing it is "very, very sad".

The long sitcom should finally end next year, with the show preparing exactly how it will tie things up.

"We are approaching the Christmas break, we still have an episode to shoot before we stop," said Chuck Lorre Deadline. "We have definitely discussed the ending, and we have a general idea of ​​what we are aiming for in May and the final.

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"These days there is always a lot of melancholy in the background, it was a project of 12 years that was really a joy, it will be very, very sad to let it go".

Recalling how hard the show hit the cast and crew, the producer added: "Years pass and you celebrate birthdays and you know we had a little birthday party for the other day. [co-stars] Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Sussman and both times each of them said: "You know this will be the last birthday I will celebrate The Big Bang theory set to.

"And you hear it from the chants, chanting and extinguishing the candles until you stifle everything, you start eating the cake, but then you're thinking about everything you'll miss."


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The leaders of the show wanted the series to continue beyond season 12, although apparently the star Jim Parsons decided he had had enough.

Speaking recently, actor Sheldon said: "There is nothing about it that seems too early, but even so, this is morbid, but reminded me of having to fall asleep a dog".

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Parsons also said that his character would not die in the end, although he admitted: "A child would surprise me, so maybe there will be a child.

"I do not think so, (Amy) would need to be pregnant as a character right now, so I do not think I'll keep a child, not in this context."

The Big Bang theory aired on CBS in the United States and E4 in the United Kingdom.

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