The creepy photo of Luka Doncic in the street after his injury

Injured for the last game of the regular season, Luka Doncic could miss part of the playoffs, greatly compromising his team’s chances. We have just had news from the Slovenian, and as much to say that it is quite worrying for the future. It is actually a photo that does not really help the situation.

Initially suspended for the last game against the Blazers, the fault of a 16th technical foul, Luka Doncic finally held his place against the Portland franchise. The reason ? The NBA ruled that the referees erred. The Slovenian was therefore finally able to play, almost 30 minutes before being stopped by a calf injury (review here).

A real disaster, and questions about the management of Jason Kidd. Why play Wound in such a meeting, but especially with so many minutes? Whatever happens, what’s done is done. Now, fans are holding their breath hoping for some positive news from the player. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

Luka Doncic absent for the start of the playoffs?

The hurt is real, and it’s unlikely to be something that will go away overnight. While he was due for an MRI on Monday, Doncic was seen before returning to the hospital. He was wearing a protective boot, just to prevent his injury from getting worse.

A few hours later, the Mavs communicated part of the results concerning Doncic, and confirmed a sprained calf. The particularity ? The franchise declined to give a return date, before Game 1 against the Jazz this Saturday:

Dallas has already announced that Luka Doncic is suffering from a sprained left calf and is not required, 5 days before Game 1, to publicly share details of the MRI. So the wait to find out Luka’s status for Game 1 against Utah will continue.

Luka Doncic is well and truly injured before the game against Utah, which will be of paramount importance for the future. Even in the event of a return, will the player be 100%? We can strongly doubt it. Response within a week.

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