The cricket team escapes the poor plot


In a terrorist attack in Christchurch, 49 people die. At least one assassin assaults mosques and shots. The Bangladesh national cricket team barely escapes hate attack.

The Bangladesh cricket team barely escaped the armed attack of two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to the AFP news agency, the team's players participated in Friday prayers. A scheduled test match was canceled.

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"The whole team was saved by the assassins", the player Tamim Iqbal Khan wrote on Twitter, reporting a "terrifying experience". According to official statements released Friday morning, 40 people were killed in the attacks and 20 were seriously injured. Police arrested four suspects.

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The crew had just arrived for Friday prayers at the mosque when they heard gunfire. Mohammad Isam, ESPN correspondent in Bangladesh, reported. "The players just wanted to go to the mosque when they heard shooting and a lot of people were running and saw a wounded person in front of them," Isam is quoted by the English Guardian. "When they saw this, they didn't get off the bus." The team captain, Mushfiqur Rahim, later stated that the team had "extreme luck".

In New Zealand, only a small minority of the Muslim population is Muslim. In total there are about 50,000 Muslims, many of whom are immigrants from countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh. The largest religious group in New Zealand is Christianity. The city of Christchurch has 350,000 inhabitants and is located in the southern Pacific island.



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