The crime of the Elche pharmacist: the Police focuses the investigation on his closest environment

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He man’s crime 67-year-old man who was found stabbed in his apartment in the Carrús neighborhood of Elche last Sunday night is not linked to people outside of him. As EL MUNDO has learned, the investigation focuses on the close environment of the victim.

The agents of the Judicial Police of the Elche Police Station They focus the proceedings on the closest people to clarify the circumstances of the crime and now there are two detainees, according to sources close to the investigation. The victim is a retired pharmacist a few years ago. The events took place last Sunday afternoon in Carrús, the neighborhood classified as the poorest in Spain.

A series of difficult situations led the pharmacist to reside in this area shortly after retiring and leaving the pharmacy he had run. After listening noise and screams on the floor, the neighbors notified the Local Police.

In order to access the home, a brigade of Firefighters He had to go home. After entering through one of the windows, one of the officers found the pharmacist’s body.

Had several stab wounds in the body. It was then that they notified the National Police, who went to the house.

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