“The crime scene”, “million show” & Co: What is now rotated back

The proportion of the spare – and the home office Shows in television goes back slowly. Because by loosening, the state Guarantees and financial support for Film and series productions and can be implemented in numerous TV shoots again – of course with a Distance and under adherence to the necessary hygiene measures. What is turning the local TV stations currently (and soon), in the Overview.

Movies and TV shows

Since Wednesday is back for the “The scene of the crime“Thriller “Bottom” Harald Krassnitzer and Adele Neuhauser in Vienna rotated. The Work of the Austro-case under the direction of Daniel Prochaska had been interrupted on account of the pandemic in the spring. The TV detective is expected to be in 2021 ORF2 to see his.

Coming soon new episodes of TV are also series such as “Blind determined”, “The mountain doctor” and “Fast” arise determined.

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