The Cuban girl without legs who received help in Miami could return to Cuba in a few months


The mother of Alexa Prieto, a Cuban girl who he was operated in Tampa just over three weeks ago, hopes to be able to return to Cuba in a few months with his daughter walking with a prosthesis.

To the three year old girl his legs were amputated in Cuba after contracting a bacterium in a hospital, but traveled to the United States to get artificial legs.

Armando Quirantes, president of prosthetics without borders, the humanitarian organization that is helping Alexa Prieto in collaboration with the Miami Medical Team, explained to the agency Efe that despite the improvement in the quality of life that the prosthesis will bring for the girl, it is "a very difficult case", and adds that Alexa "will need help throughout her life".

The doctor explained that the first step is the physical rehabilitation of the child. Then he will proceed to the placement of the artificial legs and eventually he will be taught to walk with them. The trial will start in January 2019 and could last at least three months.

Quirantes, which specializes in producing devices to help people walk or move, thanked Shrimers Hospital, of Tampa, who managed the girl for free on October 16th.

The goal of the operation was to rebuild the left leg stump, which had been amputated below the knee, while the right was cut above the knee.

Prostitution Without Borders tried to do the trial in Cuba and sent pieces for the prosthesis, but "it did not work", said Quirantes, then the organization He decided to bring Alexa to the United States.

Although the resources of the entity are limited, it deals with the expenses of stay and transport of the girl and her mother. In Cuba they were the father and a brother of Alexa.

"It's a very dramatic case, the girl was hospitalized for diarrhea and she contracted a bacterium that started hitting her feet and forced the amputation," Quirantes said.

Prosthesis without borders seeks to help them in fundraising activities, including a campaign on the platform GoFundMe and a breakfast that will take place this Saturday in Miami, at the headquarters of the Cuban Municipalities (in exile).


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