The CUP asks Torra for the immediate cessation of Buch and all the Mossos commandos


The ultimatum that the president of the government, Quim Torra, granted to the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch, to take responsibility for the police charges this Thursday in Girona and Terrassa is not enough for the CUP, which this Friday has " He demanded the immediate cessation of Buch and all the Mossos commandos. "This is not about ultimatum or coordination errors, but rather about public protection," said Deputy Carles Riera from Parliament, who also rejected the version of the councilor, who said that the pulse will not be shaken by expelling agents of the Mobile Brigade "that have been exceeded". "It's not a problem of isolated events and specific behaviors of Brimo, but a problem of police command, police model and security policy," Riera said.

Police charges in Terrassa and Girona have been resolved by about twenty wounded, including CUP deputy Maria Sirvent, who received the impact of a foam projectile. "These bullets do not bounce, their impact is not random, they have a clear and precise direction," said Riera, who recalled that Sirvent was tightening to try to protect a child who had been hit in the face. "Intentionally, some members of the Brimo fired at the person he was protecting," he said. Both Sirvent and the rest of the wounded will file a complaint against the Mossos, Riera explained.

Two prisoners and about 20 wounded in the Mossos accusations against the anti-fascists in Terrassa

Two prisoners and about 20 wounded in the Mossos accusations against the anti-fascists in Terrassa

To change the police model, the CUP argues that it will begin with the cessation of Mossos commands, but that it will continue to change the laws or disobey them to prevent "the alleged fascist rights" allowing them to express themselves freely. public space "Our security model is what prevents the public performance of Nazism and fascism and what guarantees the rights of protest against anti-fascist groups," Riera noted. According to him, freedom of expression can not be applied when totalitarian or racist postulates are formulated. Riera also deplored the "uncontrolled" Mossos from the "effective government of JxCat and ERC".

The PSC, in favor of the Mossos

Unlike the CUP, the leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has censured Torra's statements and was unequivocally close to the police: "The Mossos deserve total trust," he underlined. "We consider it a serious irresponsibility that the government itself is what questions the professionalism of the Mossos without any proof and without having opened an investigation," added the leader of the Catalan socialists. "This is not the way it contributes to the security of citizens," he condemned.


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