The curious theory around the Lightyear trailer

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Yesterday I saw the the Buzz Lightyear trailer and I must confess that my reaction was exactly that of the Joey Tribbiani meme on Friends. Apparently I am not the only one. The trailer for the new Pixar movie has created a time paradox that is causing many fans to crack their heads trying to figure out how everything fits in the Pixar universe.

Image for the article titled The Buzz Lightyear Trailer has created a paradox that is driving Pixar fans crazy

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Probably this would not have happened if the film was from Sony Pictures, which has us more used to releasing things without feet or head just because, because they have the rights to do so. But this is Pixar, a studio that has not only managed to win the affection of the public, but has also managed to provide itself with a kind of legendary halo. Let’s remember that it is the pioneer company in manipulate us with music, almost always put one mysterious delivery van on his movies, and what did he achieve recuperar Toy Story 2 after deleting the accidentmentally and not have backup copies.

The amount of easter eggs and cross references that Pixar hides in his films it is so great that there are those who even speculate with the idea that all his movies, from Nemo a Brave going by Toy Story, Wall-e O The Incredibles, actually happen in the same universe. This is known as The TPixar eory.

In short, if there is an animation studio that lends itself to all kinds of speculation crazy, that study is Pixar. All this brings us to the momentto actual y a Lightyear, lto movie that tells the origin of the character. SWhat does not tell exactly the origin of Buzz Lightyear, the talking toy from Andy. It tells the story of Buzz Lightyear, the real space pilot on whom Andy’s toy is based. Chris Evans, who voices the fierce space pilot in the film already he warned us and Twitter months ago, but we didn’t pay attention to it. Even Lightyear’s director Angus MacLane insisted on this detail during an interview on Entertaiment Weekly in which he said: “The movie doesn’t end and you see Andy eating popcorn. This movie is independent. It’s the Buzz Lightyear movie, the space pilot, not the toy. “

Okay, Angus. I believe you, but hlet’s remember a bit, will you?. Pixar does not precisely detail in which year Toy Story takes place, but we can date the action around the same year it was released: 1995. In it, a boy named Andy receives as a gift the doll of a kind of space marine called Buzz Lightyear. We know from the series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command that Buzz is a real space pilot who lives his adventures in the future.

In other words, Lightyear is the story of howmo a space pilot from the future became a legend to the point of inspiring television series and a toy … in the past. How is this possible?

Now it turns out that the quiet suburb Andy lives in is actually a space station in the distant future and we hadn’t realized it? Does Buzz Lightyear (the person) travel back in time and end up inspiring the toy accidentally? Of course the Lightyear trailer has a solemn style which is very reminiscent of movies like Interstellar O Ad Astra. The idea of ​​the pilot traveling into the past through a black hole shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. Turns out that Pixar timeline begins in the future but some kind of apocalypse takes place that leaves Earth in the past then go back to the future again and Wall-e?

I know. Marvel has so contaminated our idea of ​​what cinema is that we now see cinematic universes all over, and we feel a kind of existential emptiness when a movie is not connected to anything. It may be that, but I like that idea more than the one that Pixar has decided to make Lightyear just because it can and that in reality there is no reason for that film to exist except the greed of some executive who wants to sell more action figures of a hero that has not yet been born.


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