The currency of Argentina is falling to a new all-time high


direct: Wednesday the Argentine peso fell to a new record, including concerns about inflation and the economic recession, as well as the presidential elections.

The Argentine national currency comes despite attempts by the government to increase confidence in emerging market currencies with the worst performance this year.

Argentina should see presidential elections in October, with opinion polls indicating that weight stability is a key factor in Macri's re-election possibilities for another term.

Investors are looking at consumer prices, which are rising at a rate of 50% a year, signaling the country's failure to contain them despite record interest rates in the country.

At 2:06 pm GMT, the Argentine peso fell 1.6% to 43.3266 pesos.

The currency of Argentina was 43.4274 pesos per dollar at the beginning of the session, the lowest level ever.

Weight losses against the dollar from the beginning of this year and so far about 13.16%.

The currency of Argentina has lost almost half of its value last year, in a crisis that forced the country to request a rescue package from the International Monetary Fund.


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