The cut arrives at the reception. For migrants from 35 to 20 euros

Immediately after Security Decree the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, brings home another result: the cut of funds for the reception that fall from 35 to 20 euros per migrant. The new dossier duqnue substantially reduces the amount allocated to reception costs with a strong scissor to the costs of integration for asylum seekers. The Minister of the Interior, presenting the new provision, underlined the news that are coming: "Who saw immigration as a manger today is on a diet.Many fake volunteers will no longer participate in calls if instead of 35 euros take home 19 not he eats us more, and he neither eats nor mafia nor 'ndrangheta, but they will remain true volunteers, and I am convinced that many cooperatives will go to blot ".

A message that the owner of the Viminale that in fact radically changes the approach to the management of acceptance by the government. After the announcement of the minister, it was the prefect Gerarda Pantalone who leads the Civil Liberties and Immigration Department to explain the new rules. The prefect explained that these new rules "guarantee primary services and dignity of the person according to European rules and cut waste that the Court of Auditors has also stigmatized, starting with the provision of non-essential services to asylum seekers". The objective of the provision is very clear: do not waste resources that come from taxpayers to integrate immigrants who almost certainly will not remain on our territory. In fact, few are granted refugee status. "Everyone will be guaranteed food, accommodation, hygiene kit, pocket money and a phone card of 5 euros, just enough to call home and tell mom: I arrived," underlined by the Interior Ministry. Finally Salvini has also sent a message to the mayors stating that no decisions will be taken on the closure of the reception centers without their consent.

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