The Czechs are the worst off in the surrounding countries! They have limited access to 17 countries

Eight times more infected in the last week than Germany, six times more than Poland – the Czechia is by far the worst of the neighboring countries. Poland is doing best with 15 new infections per million population per day, and Germany is doing very well. Austria is closest to the Czech Republic with 112 new cases.

Spain, Montenegro, France and the Czechia. These are the European countries where Covid-19 is now spreading the fastest. The Czechia has the fourth highest daily increase in infected per million inhabitants in the whole of Europe. Spain is the worst off. The military began to help trace the people who were in contact with the infected.

“Our main task is to trace and then convince individuals of the importance of personal responsibility. We pass the data on to hygienists, who may take legal action if people do not want to comply with the quarantine,” the Spanish soldier described.

Due to the sharp increase in new cases, 17 countries have already restricted the entry of Czech citizens. Denmark, Finland and Hungary have put a complete stop, while 14 other countries, including Germany, have introduced a quarantine or negative test for Covid-19. Other countries are considering restrictions – Slovakia will decide on possible measures on Monday.


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