The DANA will leave rains and storms throughout the country this Saturday with a general drop in temperatures

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This Saturday abundant rains and storms are expected in almost the entire country, which will be especially strong in the northeast, Levante, southeast, Melilla and the west of the Balearic Islandswhile temperatures will drop in large areas of the interior of the peninsula.

The formation of an isolated upper-level depression over the west of the Peninsula will mark a situation of instability, as announced by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet)which predicts a predominance of cloudy or overcast skies and abundant rainfall with storms that will occur practically throughout the country.

The rains are expected to be more intense and abundant in the northeastern half of the peninsula and central areas, points out the Aemet, and they can become strong and persistent, with greater probability, in a wide environment from the Basque Country and Navarregoing by Aragoneast of the North plateau and north of the South plateau, to Catalonia and Valencian Community as well as, at the end, in Melillasoutheast coast and west of baleares.

Due to the uncertainty of the situation, it is not yet possible to identify the affected areas more accurately, but the Aemet advances that the rains will foreseeably be less intense in Andalusia and in the extreme west of the peninsula.

there will be possible haze in the Balearic Islands and in the east of the peninsula, so the rainfall there could be accompanied by mud.

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