The Danes showed off in the finals and became world champions for the third time in a row

All the fans handball around the world were sharpening their teeth for the final match France with Denmark. The duel between the Olympic champions and the defending champions of the world championship promised to be perfect, especially since both teams could be considered the best in the whole world. tournamentplayed in Poland and Sweden.

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Crazy start

From the very first minutes we could be sure that excellent teams met in the most important match of the World Cup. The beginning of the meeting, however, belonged mainly to the Danes, who surprised their rivals with an excellent disposition in the attack, which can be called lightning fast. After ten minutes, the defending champions had already scored nine goals, three of which were scored by Simon Pytlick. On the other side of the field it was not much worse. Although the French did not start as strong as their rivals, the maximum of four goals behind seemed to be a good result anyway.

In the following minutes, the rivalry only gained momentum, although the goal actions of both teams slowed down a bit. All because of the increasingly aggressive and higher positioned defense lines on both sides of the pitch, which managed to stop the biggest shotguns. Then, the first breathlessness caught the aforementioned Pytlick, who could no longer penetrate the French defense so effectively. In the tricolor team, Nedim Remili fired his goal-scoring machine, scoring five goals before the break.

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Finally, the first part of the game, also due to as many as four penalties awarded to the French, ended with the score 16:15 in favor of the Danes. Simon Pytlick was the top scorer of the match with six goals. Ludovic, the “tricolor”, played under pressure Fabregaswho was sent to the bench twice to serve a two-minute penalty.

Cosmic form of Danish stars

The game was a bit slower from the start of the second half. However, this did not mean that there was less excitement or sports level. On the contrary. On both sides of the pitch, we saw an extremely active defense, going high and making both play and individual actions difficult. This, however, made the biggest stars of both teams shine even brighter.

Although the French, resuming the game after the break, were able to go head-to-head with the Danes for some time and get a draw, the defending champions were more and more efficient as the minutes passed. Especially great moments were experienced by Rasmus Lauge Schmidt, who made only one mistake throughout the second half, taking the burden of scoring goals on his shoulders.

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When with 10 minutes left the advantage of the defending champions was four goals, it became clear that the French would have a very big problem with making up for the loss. So it happened. Although at times the “tricolor” were able to reach the rivals for two goals, the firecrackers were launched by Lauge Schmidt and Simon Pytlick, who allowed their team to jump away again.

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Ultimately, the match ended with the score 34:29. The best scorer of the meeting was Rasmus Lauge Schmidt, who scored 10 goals. Simon Pytlick scored one less on his account. Nedim Remili played the best attack on the French side, scoring six goals.

This is the third world title in a row for the Danes. No team has ever done that in the past. One of the best, if not the best, team in history has also secured its participation in the Olympic tournament in Paris, where, perhaps, it will again be able to play with the French, who will appear there as hosts.

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