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On Sunday, the model Roxana Muñoz ended her controversial fast of 21 days. “And here I am. More alive than ever, ”she said about it.

His decision caused alarm and controversy in social networks and with good reason: medicine considers fasting beneficial and safe only when it is supervised by a professional and this is done in a limited period.

Influence her just drank water (water fasting), he fasted in complete solitude and was guided by Loren Lockman, who describes himself as “a teacher, dedicated coach, and expert in healing.”

But, what are the effects to stop eating food for so long?


In conversation with BioBioChile, the nutritionist from Clínica Las Condes Magdalena Farías commented that she would never recommend fasting to a patient due to the complexity of the process.

Yes highlighted the existence of guidelines that restrict meals for a single day or for a period of hours, but never something of this magnitude.

Citing a study of New England Journal of Medicine, the professional commented that, in humans, previous models have shown improvements in immunity, insulin resistance and anti-aging, added to longevity in animals.

But Farías ruined any benefit of the idea that Muñoz executed.

The reason? 21 days without consuming any type of food will leave traces on any human body.

As explained by the nutritionist, at the beginning of this physiological process we will use the sugar reserves that circulate through the blood and those that are deposited in the liver.

It is at this stage when glucose is consumed as a substrate and where a person loses weight quickly.

In the second stage, which was the one that Muñoz reached, the organism warns that it is not receiving food, so it enters reserve mode.

Here, the little glucose that remains is used to continue feeding the brain, a period in which those who fast will suffer from headaches and loss of appetite, to which nausea and vomiting will be added.

As there are no protein reserves in the human body, finally this same begins to consume his muscles, which can take 30 to 40 days depending on the weight of a person.

Vital organs

After that the final stage of a prolonged fast begins, when, to stay alive, the body begins to consume vital organs.

That is to say, diaphragm, myocardium, intestines thin and multi-organ failures occur.

“I do not know the motivations of this girl. If the question is when I recommend fasting, the answer is never, “said the specialist.

“I find something dangerous that she promotes this on social networks. It is a message that favors the restriction in food that, I believe, can generate the risk of encouraging the population to do this. I do not consider it healthy or recommended, “he said.


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