The dangers of holding in a sneeze: from eardrum damage to hemorrhages

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A popular Polish saying claims that if a person sneezes once, it means that someone is praising them; If she sneezes twice, she is being criticized, and if she sneezes three times it is because someone has fallen in love with her.

Beyond popular sayings, sneezing is a reflex action the most common in which air is expelled at high speed from the lungs through the nose and mouth. A simple act that protects our respiratory tractbut it can have important consequences for our health if we repress it so as not to attract attention in public.

Los sneezing are actually a Defense mechanism that our body has. When they are triggered it is because our airways need eliminate naturally some irritating element that has crept into them and that can compromise our health: from germs until dust particles, passing through pollen grains in spring. This is why it is not good to try to avoid sneezing.

Contain a sneeze closing the mouth and nostrils with the fingers pincer-shaped can cause a infection in the middle ear. The respiratory tract and ears are connected by a structure called the Eustachian tube, and by stopping that sneeze that was intended to expel germs out of our body, it can happen that they deviate from their path and end up in our ear. There they could play without problem and end up causing a otitis.

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sneezing causes air and the particles leave our body at about 70 km/h and reach a distance of about eight meters. That is a lot of air pressure, and if we repress it and do not let it out, that force is projected into our body.

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