The Dangers of Lack of Sleep Can Trigger Weight Gain, These are Bad Habits to Watch Out for

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Having an ideal and healthy body is everyone’s dream, especially women.

Because being overweight is one of the problems that can trigger various diseases.

So what are the causes of easy weight gain?, see the following explanation

Baca: Facts Behind Being Overweight Can Trigger Chronic Disease, Hypertension to Diabetes

Quoted from, being overweight or obese is one of the biggest health problems because it triggers the arrival of other diseases.

Even in a study, being overweight will have bad effects on the body, such as:

– Shortens life and lowers quality of life.

– Increases the risk of many chronic diseases, such as: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia.

– Increases the chance of getting seriously ill.

Baca: Here are Good Habits That Can Maintain Kidney Health: Maintain Weight & Control Blood Sugar

A number of habits have been linked to being overweight, including:

– Consume a lot of calories

– Lack of sleep

– Sit all day

– Not sport regular.


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