The Dark Portrait of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Cambodia: Tempted by Big Salaries Leads to Electrocution and Lockdown All

JAKARTA, – Dozens of Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who were held captive by illegal investment companies in Cambodia have been rescued by the government. However, there are still many other migrant workers who have not been repatriated to Indonesia.

Those who survived this captivity exposed the dark events they experienced while working in Cambodia.

They experienced various tortures while working at the illegal company, ranging from being beaten to electric shocks.

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Migrant CARE facilitates victims who have been tortured in Cambodia to share their experiences during captivity.

In addition, family representatives from PMI who are still trapped in Cambodia also testified about what happened to their family members. Here’s a summary.

Promised a big salary

A PMI with the initials R told of his experience when he was held captive by an illegal company in Cambodia.

R is a victim of captivity who has returned to Indonesia.

“Let’s say my name is R**, a victim from Cambodia last month when I returned to Indonesia,” said R in a virtual press conference held by Migrant CARE, Monday (1/8/2022).

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R revealed, in the illegal company in Cambodia, there are indeed many workers from Indonesia.

R was initially interested in working at the company because he was lured by a large salary.

“Promised with an extraordinary salary, but the original 0,” he said.

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Workers beaten to electric shock

In addition, R explained, if the workers do not achieve the targets set by the company, they will be punished.

He said that there were PMIs who were beaten and electrocuted.

“They were traded, beaten, electrocuted, some had their passports burned,” said R.

Until now, R admits that he is still traumatized by the thought of working in Cambodia.

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The beginning of leaving for Cambodia

Families of victims of captivity in Cambodia told of the beginning of their relative who is a PMI who got a job.

Yanto, one of the family representatives, told how his wife got information about job vacancies in Cambodia. According to him, the information was received from an ‘agent’.

“So someone offered my wife a job in Cambodia with a good salary. Around Rp 7 million-Rp 9 million was offered to my wife,” said Yanto.

Yanto did not say specifically who the agent was.

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Hearing this information, he and his wife were interested. Because the salary of Rp 7 million-Rp 9 million is fantastic for them.

As a result, they offered the job to Yanto’s younger brother who was not yet working.

However, oddly enough, the agent asked for Rp 4 million if Yanto’s younger brother was interested in the job in Cambodia.

“Because we wanted to employ our sister, we had to work hard to sell our gold, bracelets, savings. We sold them to be able to send our sister,” he said.

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After Yanto handed over the Rp 4 million, the agent took care of the completeness of the documents for Yanto’s younger brother to go to Cambodia.

Yanto’s sister’s passport was even completed in just 2 days.

The next oddity that Yanto feels is when his sister is not given training at all before leaving for Cambodia.

The agent argued that Yanto’s younger brother refused to attend the training.

“In fact, he didn’t. My brother didn’t know. So he was finally dispatched with 0 experience, 0 conditions of all kinds,” explained Yanto.

In the end, Yanto’s younger brother left for Cambodia on July 15, 2022. Yanto’s brother and friends traveled for 2 days to Cambodia.

Tired of working 16 hours, falling asleep, ending up being locked up

When he started working in Cambodia, Yanto’s younger brother was shocked. Yanto’s younger brother could not afford to work there.

How not, based on Yanto’s sister’s confession, he works 16 hours a day.

The next day, Yanto’s sister made the mistake of falling asleep. Yanto’s brother was also held captive.

“So my sister was sentenced to imprisonment for 2 days,” said Yanto.

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Representatives of the families of other Cambodian PMI victims, Irma, said that her husband had not yet been brought home.

“With this, I hope that there will be an action to pick up my husband and his cousin and friends there. Because there is currently no pick-up for them. I have reported to the ministry,” said Irma.

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He said the report had been received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu). Irma was asked to wait by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, Irma requested that her husband be sent home immediately because there was an act of torture there.

“Because it is true that torture and threats were carried out on the victim who had just returned home,” he said.

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