The date blindly extended the lockdown. The Chinese woman got stuck in the apartment of a quiet suitor

Sounds a bit like an introvert’s nightmare. Parents are unaware that they have an unmarried daughter at home. He arranges for her to date blindly with foreign men, so her daughter leaves Shanghai for another province and fulfills their wishes. At dinner in the “suitor’s number five” apartment, the government will declare a lockdown. Not only is it a “Chinese-style” lockdown. In addition, the suitor is infantile.

Going on a date in Zhengzhou was quite risky in itself. Thousands of people quarantined due to several Covid-19 cases. Nevertheless, the Chinese Wang from Shanghai arranged a week-long trip for suitors at the request of the family.

Wang boasted a bizarre experience on social media. “I’m getting older, so my family arranged more than 10 blind dates. “My fifth date was to show me the art of cooking and invited me home for dinner,” says Wang in one of the videos.

According to videos published by the Chinese media Wang at WeChat also documented the beginnings of a new relationship. The suitor cooks for her, cleans up, and when the lady falls asleep, she works on a laptop. “Apart from being as dumb as a wooden mannequin, everything else on it is pretty good,” Wang told The Paper on Tuesday.

There have been more than 100 cases of the disease in Zhengzhou in the last week, states state medium Global Times. The city was ordered to close businesses on Tuesday, and mass testing of 12.6 million people began to uncover “silent carriers.” As part of China’s zero-tolerance policy on Covid-19, the government declares lockdowns unexpectedly and often with immediate effect.

Wang’s experience is not so unique. Last month, a man in the middle of a move found himself in a lockdown in Xi’an, the city of the terracotta army. He had to borrow a duvet from his neighbors. Unlike Wang, he did not become an internet sensation. Millions of people have viewed the hashtag related to her story on the Weibo social network.

On the other hand, Wang’s unexpected fame is not pleasant for her (apparently only) temporary partner. Some videos were downloaded from the Internet. “His friends called him and I think it affected his life, so I’ve downloaded the videos for now,” she said in a video on Tuesday. “Thank you all for your attention. I hope the epidemic ends soon and my single sisters find a relationship soon. “


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