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Egypt national team

Getting ready Egypt national team To face his counterpart Guinea Bissau in the second round of the African Nations Cup, in order to compensate for the loss in the opening match from Nigeria.

The date of Egypt’s next match in the African Championship

The match between Egypt and Guinea-Bissau will start at nine in the evening, next Saturday, at the Romdi Adega stadium in the Cameroonian city of Garoua.

Egypt loses to Nigeria

The national team opened its campaign in the African Nations Cup by defeating Nigeria with a clean goal, in the match that took place on Tuesday evening in the first round of the group stage.

Egypt group arrangement

Egypt is bottom of Group D standings in the African Nations Championship, after the end of the first round matches in the group stage, after losing its first match in the tournament against its Nigerian counterpart, with a goal free of charge.

1st: Nigeria – 3 points

Second: Sudan – 1 point

Third: Guinea-Bissau – 1 point

Fourth: Egypt national team – without points

X-rays prove Akram Tawfik’s injury to the cruciate ligament

The results of the x-rays conducted by Akram Tawfiq yesterday afternoon confirmed that he had ruptured the cruciate ligament at the beginning of the national team’s match with his Nigerian counterpart.

The results of the x-rays conducted by Ahmed Fattouh at the same time also confirmed that he had a strain in the calf muscles, after he was injured at the end of the first half of the Nigeria match.

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Queiroz: We did not appear in the first half and we have to get 6 points to qualify

The Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, confirmed that his team did not provide a convincing performance in the first half during the match against Nigeria, in the match that brought them together on Tuesday evening at Rumdi Adgia Stadium, in the first round of Group D in the African Nations finals currently held in Cameroon, and the Pharaohs lost. With a goal without a response, the Nigerian team scored the first three points and topped its group, which includes Egypt, Sudan and Guinea Bissau, who have the second meeting in the group in the ninth.

“In the second half, we tried to equalize, and the performance improved relatively, but the Nigerian team maintained its lead until it scored the three points,” Queiroz added.

The coach of the Egyptian national team added that his team lost against Nigeria, but he has two matches with Sudan and Guinea Bissau, which equal 6 points, and the Egyptian team must win them to ensure qualification.

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