The day and a half in which Gaza was completely cut off

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For a day and a half the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been without internet or telephone connectionvital to know where Israel’s bombings are taking place, call rescue services and stay in touch with their relatives in other parts of the enclave under the control of the Islamist group Hamas.

The confusion and anguish what could be happening expanded from Friday night until early this Sunday in Gaza after the internet and mobile and landline telephones were cut off, which has coincided with the expansion of the Israeli Army’s ground operations and the intensification of bombing.

“We feared that the worst was going to happen, something big, horrible,” he told EFE. Amhat Abdullaha resident of Rafah, southern Gaza, with four children, remembering the first thing they felt when they were cut off on Friday night.

Abdalá explained that he normally finds out about the news that happens in the Strip through his cell phone, and that This weekend he was unable to speak with their relatives who remain in Gaza City due to the telecommunications outage.

“We imagine that at any moment “They would come here to kill us.”highlighted this resident of Rafah, in the south of the Strip.

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