Sport The day LeBron James proved how bad bowling is

The day LeBron James proved how bad bowling is

With the suspension of the season and the future uncertain about whether it will be possible to play again due to the Coronavirus pandemic In the world, there is no other alternative but to go, open the basement and take out the trunk of memories to dust off those anecdotes that can amuse you in the midst of the quarantine that you will be living.

On this occasion, Lebron James He is the protagonist of this particular story that makes him look a little bad with his fans. One of his NBA friends, Chris Paul organized a bowling tournament in which he invited great stars of North American basketball.

Photo: Gettyimages.

Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Dwayne Wade and the aforementioned James participated in the tournament. The result for The king? An embarrassing video showing his poor bowling skills. Like a whole ‘showman’ he put talcum powder in his hands and threw it into the air, took the ball and, even in good style, threw it.

LeBron’s shot was headed for the canal, but the gods of bowling, so that it will not be ridiculed, helped him to Its launch will only knock down a pine tree. The spectators burst out laughing and it was shown that James is not bowling, but basketball.

“This is totally different from any bowling alley I do during the summer with my friends or teammates. The pressure is different, there are a lot of people here, the lights are bright ”, Chirs Paul declared.



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